Landscape Architect,Horticulturist,and Artist:

Jennie offers a wide assortment of skills and ideas
to create a beautiful space for you. Jennie's interest of the world of plants is a continuation of the art of gardening. Jennie has a degree in Biology,a license in Landscape Architecture, and years of caring for gardens professionally. Working in New England and Arizona has offered her the opportunity to explore two opposite environments and their respective divergent plant materials and landforms.
      Jennie would be happy to share her expertise with you in any of these areas. 

Jennie Cure
P.O.Box 242 Cave Creek,AZ 85327


Valley of the Sun Community Garden-Article


Here with my pug, I admire the look of my fountain after a hard freeze - in Arizona no less!
Jennie and Classey

   Jennie's love for her horses and the outdoors developed early. Growing up in New England, Jennie learned the basics of trail riding. Jennie was 32 when she moved to Arizona, and was presented with a whole new environment to explore on horse back.
  Having horses made it possible for Jennie to study microclimates in the areas that were not accessible by automobiles. Exploring the desert in this way made Jennie familar with an appreciation of desert plants that thrive in the harsh environment and theit relationship with one another. Her beautiful metal sculptures are the expressions of her love for natural forms of the desert.

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